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Minimum Monitoring Requirement (MMR)

MMR as of 2021-06-27

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In case the airline operator own more than two aircraft from the same aircraft type monitoring group, the MMR tool will choose any two aircraft randomly and the airline operator may change what is in the table below provided it’s from the same aircraft type monitoring group.
Height Monitoring Compliant
ASE – Altimetry System Error Valid - Valid Height Monitoring result Covered - Valid monitoring Group MMR Valid for (X) days - Temporary Approval Expired +(X) days - Temporary Approval expired Not Covered - Monitoring Group MMR not meet Expiring Soon! - Height monitoring expire within 60 days Expired - No valid Height Monitoring result Aberrant - High ASE Required Monitoring - Required Height Monitoring
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Seq Operator Registration ICAO Type MSN Aircraft Monitoring Group Hex Mode S Last Monitoring Date Monitoring Valid Until Height Monitoring Compliant
1Cham WingsYKBAAA320525A320hx778821N/AN/AExpired
2Cham WingsYKBABA320342A320hx778822N/AN/AExpired
3Cham WingsYKBAEA320322A320hx778825N/AN/ARequired Monitoring
4Cham WingsYKBAGA320427A320hx778827N/AN/ARequired Monitoring
5Syrian AirYKAKAA320886A320hx778561N/AN/AExpired
6Syrian AirYKAKBA320918A320hx778562N/AN/AExpired
7Syrian AirYKAKCA3201032A320hx778563N/AN/AExpired
8Syrian AirYKAKDA3201076A320hx778564N/AN/AValid for 104 Days
9Syrian AirYKAKEA3201085A320hx778565N/AN/ARequired Monitoring
10Syrian AirYKAKFA3201117A320hx778566N/AN/ARequired Monitoring
11Syrian AirYKAZAA340381A340hx778741N/AN/AValid for 104 Days
12Syrian AirYKAZBA340280A340hx778742N/AN/AValid for 104 Days
13Syrian AirYKATDIL7631915IL76hx778684N/AN/ARequired Monitoring
14Syrian AirYKAYBT13463994T134hx778721N/AN/ARequired Monitoring
15Syrian AirYKAYET13466187T134hx778725N/AN/ARequired Monitoring






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