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Duties and Responsibilities

The Middle East Regional Monitoring Agency (MIDRMA) has the following duties and responsibilities:

  • To establish and maintain a central registry of State RVSM approvals of operators and aircraft using the Middle East Region airspace where RVSM is applied.
  • To initiate checks of the “approval status” of aircraft operating in the relevant RVSM airspace, identify non-approved operators and aircraft using RVSM airspace and notify the appropriate State of Registry/State of the Operator and other RMAs, accordingly.
  • To establish and maintain a database containing the results of height keeping performance monitoring and all altitude deviations of 300 ft or more within Middle East Region airspace, and to include in the database the results of MIDRMA requests to operators and States for information explaining the causes of observed large height deviations.
  • Provide timely information on changes of monitoring status of aircraft type classifications to State Authorities and operators.
  • To assume overall responsibility for assessing compliance of operators and aircraft with RVSM height keeping performance requirements in conjunction with RVSM introduction in the Middle East Region.
  • To facilitate the transfer of approval data to and from other RVSM Regional Monitoring Agencies.
  • To establish and maintain a database containing the results of navigation error monitoring.
  • To conduct safety analysis for RVSM operations in the MID Region and prepare RVSM Safety Monitoring Reports (SMR) as instructed by MIDANPIRG and the MIDRMA Board.
  • To conduct readiness and safety assessments to aid decision-making in preparation for RVSM implementation in those FIRs where RVSM is not yet implemented.
  • To carry out post-implementation safety assessments, as appropriate.
  • Based on information provided by States related to planned changes to the ATS routes structure, advise States and MIDANPIRG on the effects of such changes on the safe RVSM operations in the MID Region.
  • To liaise with other Regional Monitoring Agencies and organizations to harmonise implementation strategies.






Tel: +973 17 329054

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